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Messages from your animal

Your animal friend has a lot to say.
Gabriel is a professional animal communicator.
Let him be the bridge that brings you closer.


Gabriel hit the nail on the head – it was very accurate and I noticed that Layla was strikingly happy the day after the communication.

Ashi, Layla's Guardian

Best Friends
What if you could know what your animal friend is thinking and feeling?
With Gabriel you can. 

Working with Gabriel will allow you to fully understand your animal friend. 

Promise: Effective methods proven to reach your animal friend at their core.

Benefits: Your animal friend will feel heard and understood.

Outcome: Happier and healthier animals!

Permanently resolve behavioural issues​


Animal Communication can help you resolve and address any issue you may be experiencing.

Problem: Behavioural issues can be extremely problematic and can go as far as the animal losing their home or being put down!

Why: These issues persist because they are never truly addressed. Just like people, animals have mental and emotional needs.

Solution: With a capable and trained animal communicator like Gabriel, you can understand your animal friend and find solutions.

Animal brown horse
Sunset Over Forest

What can Animal Communication address?

Emotional and Behavioral Issues

Seeing things from your animal friend’s perspective will increase your understanding of their behaviour and help bring an empathic resolution to the situation. Find out if there are any unmet needs that may be at the core of the behaviour.

Understanding Health Issues

It can be extremely beneficial to obtain your animal friend’s perspective on any physical problem they may be experiencing as they often know what they need to heal the situation. Gabriel will also determine whether there is an underlying emotional component to their physical problem.

Help locate a lost animal

Connecting distantly (via photograph) with your lost companion, Gabriel can track your animal, help them be found, determine whether your animal friend is still alive or not, why they left, whether they are being looked after by someone else, and whether they want to be found.

Ease death and dying

You can ask your companion what their needs and wishes are, tell them how much you love them and share any final messages.  This can help ease the pain you feel as you focus on supporting your friend in the way they want in their final stages of life here on earth.

Reconnecting in the afterlife

Communicating with animals who have already passed can bring comfort for many different reasons: perhaps you didn’t have the chance to say goodbye, you want to say sorry, you want to know you made the right decision, you want them to understand how loved they were and how missed they are.

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Hello, I'm Gabriel!

Certified Animal Communicator and Consultant

My career as an animal communicator combines my lifelong love for animals, fascination with language, and passion for understanding the inner workings of the being. This unique diversity of interests has prepared me to be an expert at what I do.


Initially, I had a tremendous struggle with communication and connection with people. This drove me to seek a deeper connection within myself and the natural world, but I didn't know how to do so in a specific way.


In 2012, I got my wake up call. I was introduced formally to animal communication by the documentary 'The Animal Communicator - Anne Breytenbach'. I fell in love with the possibility of communicating with animals and I knew that this was for me. Soon after, I attended basic courses in Animal Communication with Marta Williams (Biologist and Animal Communicator). In the course of my professional development, I attended further upgrades with Penelope Smith (Animal Communication Founding Pioneer) and Sarah-Jane LeBlanc (Soul 2 Soul Connection Technique developer).


Through my trainings, I learned not only how to communicate with animals but also numerous techniques and tools to help animals overcome their most deep seated emotional issues. Now I help people and animals in so many ways—fostering mutual understanding, healing trauma, restoring harmony, and helping clients to see when an animal’s issue is a reflection of their own. Additionally, I help animals and their guardians understand their health issues and I have helped bring lost animals home with tracking techniques. It is a tremendous privilege to bring so much connection to animals and their people.


Everybody Needs a Quality Animal Communicator

3 Reasons Why

Animals have the same emotions we do

Communicating with Animals is important because animals experience the same range of emotions that we do. And, like us, their mood and behaviour changes when they feel out of balance. However, they are completely reliant upon on us to work out what is wrong or what they need. If things are left unaddressed, it can get them into difficult and sometimes awful situations. With a trained animal communicator you can address these directly. 

There is lack of clarity related to health

Sometimes our animal friends are experiencing health concerns and we simply have no certainty as to what is happening to them and what they are experiencing. An Animal Communication Consultation is an opportunity for you to explore areas of special concern regarding health as well as their preferences, and to exchange messages with your animal companion and ask specific questions to ensure their needs and concerns are being met 

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Reason 1

Reason 2

Sweet Dog

There is often misunderstanding

Issues between animals in the same household can be very challenging. Similarly, issues between you and your animal can be very frustrating as well. By developing and increasing understanding between you and your companion, and between two animals, harmony will ensue and both can be given the opportunity to express and resolve their feelings which can really help both move forward together with new, increased understanding of one another.

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Reason 3

Here's how it works

Step 1


Fill out a form in which you can input your animal friend's information, questions you may have, and messages for your animal friend. Include a picture of your animal as well. 

Step 2


Gabriel will communicate with your animal from a distance and note down the communication in transcript form as well as create a key Action Plan as a support for your animal friend. 

Cat's Eye

Step 3


We have a video or voice call to share the communication with you, discuss the action plan, and address any questions you may have. You will receive a transcript of the communication along with the Action Plan.

I liked how he helped to guide her thought process (eg. Helping her to understand the situation from the human perspective) – to which I think is essential for both the animal and the human to reach a common understanding.

Melissa, Soda's Guardian

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Client Testimonials

What others are saying about working with me

Shani, Thadeus' Guardian

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-29 at 11.33.47 PM.jpeg

Gowri, Walter's Guardian

Walter has been more calm and accepting since the communication. Gabriel's advice is very useful. For me, It really has helped when I picture it in my head and then approach Walter. I also appreciate how lovingly he spoke to Walter.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-23 at 3.34.06 PM.jpeg

Selvam, Momo's Guardian

Gabriel was very professional and gave a clear understanding on my pets needs. I was impressed about the whole transaction from start to finish. Expectations were met. I know my pet's needs now and i will work on keeping her final years happy.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-02 at 9.21.56 AM.jpeg

Melissa, Sky's Guardian

I liked how he has a conversation with her and approaches her like a friend  and he is able to ask questions to find out more things that are important to us and this in turn has allowed us to make important changes.


Denise, Gammy's Guardian

Although I have lost Gammy in 2019, after the communication, I feel that I have him back with me again, and I know that he is always with me, and he knows that he is always in our hearts.


Denise, Pepper's Guardian

“Since Gabriel’s communication with Pepper, she has allowed us to hold her without biting back and we are now sure and a lot more understanding of how Pepper is feeling.”


Ruby, Amba's Guardian

There were details that only Amba could have provided and these brought me happiness to know that Gabriel had actually connected with Amba. This was a positive experience for me. I very much appreciated how professionally it was conducted.

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Ready to communicate with your animal?

Animal Communication is an opportunity to understand your animal friend completely. Don't miss out on this, take your relationship with your animal to the next level with a communication consultation with Gabriel now. 

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